Sunday Classics

Yore Classic City Scenarios Stretched
(for your expanded viewing pleasure):

Some see the half filled bottle and say,
“Alas it is now half gone.” 
And others instead remark,
“Ah, the decanter be partially filled.” 
And yet a few others will simply drink
whatever’s available, without comment.


The true revolutionist explorer
soon learns that the closer you get to anything,
the closer you get to EVERYthing.


When this one fellow was offered a teaching position,
and he expressed his surprise, inasmuch as he admitted
that he, “Didn’t know anything.”  His would-be employers
laughed so much they had to cancel the next race.


Trying to, “Get the jump” on the competition
can be exhilaration sans pereil, once you realize
who the competition really is.


Medical Memo:
Brain blisters are not – repeat  – not
caused by overuse.