Does Life Know that You Know?

Not only should you not let some of this stuff
fall into the wrong hands and brains,
but you should also be pretty careful
about even letting Life know that you know about it.

(Say, have I ever mentioned that amongst Real Revolutionists
some advise is actually a costumed jest?)


According to several eye witness reports,
it was a most disturbing sight; near noon,
in a bustling local mall, the man suddenly
confronted himself in a full length mirror,
from under his coat he whipped out a
semi-automatic weapon, pointed at his
reflection and shouted, “I’m sorry folks,
but its an emergency, you’ll all have to leave –
I’m commandeering his brain!”


“Be not so easily discouraged,”
oozed the soothing voice,
“After all, if it won’t fly anywhere else,
it’ll still fly in the City.” 
(Just the way things are supposed to be…I guess.)


After a dedicated life of studious effort, research, sacrifice
and reflection, he was really to present the world with his
intellectual magnum opus, which he proudly crowned with the title,
“The History Of Philosophy,” but when it was pointed out that there
were already more than a few books with the same name, he said,
“Okay, change it to – 'The History Of Shit.'”


A real person can’t be shot,
without his permission.