Scary Snapshots

Oft times after thinking something curious or questionable,
this one guy would take out a pocket mirror, and into it
would say, “Hey – would I lie to me?”


Only those who enjoy a vice,
never think to call it “sweet poison.”


A certain visiting alien observer
made this note, (noted he),
“It would seem to me that your Life
doesn’t mind if you ‘search for answers’
just so long as you look in ‘all the right places.’”


Near the pastry table, at a recent intellectual buffet,
from a man just ahead of me, I caught this line he directed
at his companion with a vanilla mousse, (directed he),
“The first guy that made a proverb should be shot.”


The more homogenized becomes a mix,
the more noticeable are anomalies.
(Thus does even the best of change,
serve up increasingly scary snapshots.)