Why Try?

Notes from a Revolutionist's Diary:
One little trooper in subversive garb
confided in me, around a late night campfire
that after “all this time” he still sometimes wondered
whether he enlisted, or was drafted.

(Nobel Re-Finishing Tip: 
If it feels important, but seems hard to say – Why try?)


On this one weird little world
it was only at times when things were temporarily too easy
that the people would begin to spray their brains.


In their attempt to reverse the usual,
(an overly used procedure) this one merry little band
adopted as their “Operational Philosophy”
the ideas of a man yet to be born; the central one being:  
“You can tell a lot about a person if you don’t tell them a lot.”


At this one recent out of town conference-cum-fist-fight,
a wide fellow, in a narrow hallway, handed me a note that read,
“Any language with hard, definite rules, based on some scheme
of logic and reason, is a language for the simple lipped…and I say,
‘Phooey On Their Households!'” 
(I’ll just wager that some of you expected me to say that I had
made substantial grammatical changes in his note, in my recounting
of it to you…so there, I say, "Phooey On Your Ole Expectations!")


I guess I gotta tell you about this one little human hypochondriac,
who, after a hard day of being, “unappreciatedly ill,” would,
upon returning home, go alone into the back yard and return
to the safety of his “placebo.”