The Hobby

As long as you are gonna hang around the metro area,
you might wanna jot this down:
in the City, in Secondary affairs,
wasting energy is the same as saving energy.


How could you ever be compatible with your own aim,
so long as you accept Life’s voices in your nervous system,
which identify you as your won proper adversary.


Don’t count your chickens
before your ducks.

Now I offer for your complete
secondary satisfaction,
the perfect City hobby:
it entails no expense,
it is totally portable,
and it requires no practice



One rebel leader told the troops,
(or maybe one guy told his own brain),
“Don’t be overly impressed; I’m just speaking
for you…if you could speak like this.”


One guy now says that sometimes
it seems like you to talk to people,
and sometimes like you talk to words.