Holiday Redux

One sore head, with an advanced degree,
(or maybe it was an advanced sore head with a degree),
averred, “If you can accept humiliation gracefully –
you’ve been humiliated twice.”


When a man insists “Do not morn for me when I am dead and gone,”
…well…well…you can just imagine what his will’s gonna reveal.


A speaker over in the park caught my attention with this,
he proclaimed, “Everything can be more than one thing at a time,
for instance; what greater praise can a man receive than to hear it
said that, ‘You alone are you,’ and yet, what more gagging news
could be possible?”


(Recently overheard): 
“Well, sure, what’d you expect McBet,
the conductor always knows
where the down beat is.” 
(Might I add that at least he’s supposed to.)


Holiday Redux:

Late last night, just before “Last call,”
this one angel next to me at the bar,
and next to passing out, confided to me,
“Being dumb won’t get you into heaven.” 
(Pause…swallow…burp), and he added,
“But it sure as hell won’t keep you out.”