One Shoe

If it weren’t for the past,
most folks wouldn’t have much of anything
to think about


In Cities with dimensions times three
half of all little children are born facing north,
and the other half otherwise.

The better part of two weeks ago, at a Gods’ Convention,
over in a slightly shifted sector, during the day long,
“Open Forum,” after hours of heated and tepid debates
about this and that and that and this; one deity, (perhaps
driven by an over indulgence in diet drinks), declared,
“I see only one question worthy of concern by the likes of us;
I wanna know who the fuck keeps throwing that one shoe
out on the highway.”

In support of his sometimes iconoclastic theories,
this one phosphorescent physicist states,
(and quite confidently, I might add), that he relies
on his own superior intellect, a singular understanding
of higher order mathematics and a .357 magnum. 
(In the Secondary Order Of Proofs, there are different
weights and densities.  This is both as it should be
and how it should not be noted to be.)

During a trip to some outlying regions of his empire,
a king was asked why he was visiting one particular place,
he replied, “One out there, I had to go somewhere.” 
(“Tis alleged this monarch’s son replayed a similar scene,
some years later, but without going anywhere.)

The Real rich don’t look back…(that’s how you can tell).