“Another great thing about the City,”
gushed one guy, “Is that they’ll kill you,
when they ain’t gonna eat you.”


There is something stranger than metaphor –
that which it represents.

(Oh gee, an e.g.:
If you can’t stand the heat,
stay out of the heat.)


No matter how you hope,
nor how you pray,
the word “subtle”
is not in a guillotine’s vocabulary.


This one fellow, (who may or may not have anything to show for it),
stated last evening as follows, “I’ve come t personally believe that
if there was a god, he wouldn’t tell you what kinda guy he is.”


The word “mistake”
is a secret synonym
for more things than you’d ever wanna imagine.


One Revolutionist thought,
“There are several good things about not having a 'Book'”:
One:   You can’t lose it;
Two:   You don’t have to defend it;
Plus:    You don’t have to wonder over the propriety
of having to make it all up as you go...