Too Cute to Calculate

Appearances are damn near everything.
(And even when they’re not,
they still mean a lot,)

Anyone who “Knows what the problem is,”
won’t know how to fix it, and none involved
will ever realize this. 
(Is this not almost too cute to calculate?)


Very first thing, every morning,
this one person would wrap up their concept
of the preceding day, by loudly whining,
“It’s all ‘oh-so-obvious’ to me now.”


If you’re not your own imaginary playmate,
someone else will be.

In a quarky part of one foreign universe,
is a sentence that says,
“If the state will not harm the people,
the people must harm themselves.” 
Query:  Would you care to visit such a place
Are you sure?
Are you certain you could tell whether you were there or not?
Are you sure?

Amidst the midst of time, brambles, and activity,
one guy, (to the surprise of all, with all including himself),
suddenly cried out, “Why if life were any more fun,
I might actually enjoy it!”