Fun Thursday

During his instructions, one ole-man-director told his kid-thespians, “Make note: 
Anger and stupidity are the two roles which will most easily ‘play themselves’.” 
(A little up-stage-left, one ingénue said, “I don’t get it,” and another replied,
“Ah, shut up.”) Semi-dramatic footnote:  All dramas capable of bloodshed by
Act II will always play well out-of-town.


(Here’s what I heard one ole sore head jump up and cry):

“Fun? – Fun, did you say? –
How can I have fun knowing|
there could be others
having more fun than me!”


One guy sur-musing
(a combination of surmising and musing)
guessed at it this way,
“Wow, I’ll bet when you know it all
ANYthing can be a lot of fun.”


At the very least,
a Revolutionist’s (quote) “problems”
should manifest “symptoms”
unusually robust.


One guy who thought he knew it all
came in for a rude awakening;
another guy who never had such an awakening
never realized he didn’t know it all,
and yet another guy who thought he knew it all…