No Miracle Cure

What can you say
about the strength of silence.


After hearing my mention of a place
so dedicated to justice that the ugly
get mirrors at a discount, the mayor
of a near-by burg writes to ask if there’s
some way to apply this approach
regarding the dumb.


Over in a house a guy declaimed, “I has the new,” and some of his old stuff said, “Good boy!” which was the cause of a pause after which the guy replied, “Haven’t you said that to me before?” but his old stuff could recognize a trick question as well as the next guy…or stuff.  (Hey, have I told you this story already?)


If ordinary men WERE able,
(as they put it),
to “Say what they mean,”
they wouldn’t mean much.


Those who continue to write that this or that new approach is “no miracle cure” do not – it may surprise you to learn – seek one.