What Not To Do

At “street-level” there is no way to know
what to do except for the institutionalized directives or
what NOT to do.


While standing in line
the fellow ahead of me said
to the fellow ahead of him,
“It is apparently impossible
for humans to over-dramatize
the dangers of life…thankfully.”


Over in a universe best left unnamed, class had been in session for some time, meeting faithfully on its appointed day, when the professor announced that it was going to be impossible to cover the needed materials within the time presently allotted; a voice asked why they didn’t just increase their meeting frequency, and the instructor replied, “What – and get even FURTHER behind?”


In the City there can BE no certainties
without the expectations.


A man with only local interest
cannot be of any assistance.

(Anachronistic Historical Head and Foot Note: 
Never hire a king who speaks your language
or owns a state property.)