Most of the Time...

With a certain firmness this one person told a close cousin, “What most people call their ‘Personal Philosophy Of Life’ will turn out to be a verbal justification for what they’ve been doing.”


Quasi-Official Notice,
(for all you Quasi’s out there):

Most of the time IS all of the time,
(that is, of course, except for
some of the time).


When asked the question:

“Which would you have chosen if you had been given you the choice of either intelligence or handsomeness?” this guy pulled himself erect and said, “What do you mean ‘IF’ I had been given the choice? – Get alert!”


Standing out by a road sign, a guy said,
“My mind is like a ticker tape
quoting the price of everything – just once.”


While reviewing current physiological stats, and suddenly realizing that the full coat of skin and the brain of an average human weight about the same, this one man became alternately so excited, and then depressed that he was forced to take a job with the government.