The View from Here

Anyone with a “modest request” ain’t got much of a request.


On this one world, a group who called themselves, “Hard-Nosed, Steel-Eyed Sparten-Realists,” (but who their mothers called Billy, Gustave and Spanky), these guys have as their motto: “Nothing ventured, Nothing gained, They’ve not run, Who’ve not been lamed.”  (My personal opinion is that their mothers didn’t call them often enough.)


There is this place
where it is easier to lose weight
than it is to eat ice cream
and jellied doughnuts;
trouble is the place you are now
won’t tell you where THIS place is.


A couple of kings were chatting over their G & T’s, and one noted, “Taking away the people’s weapons won’t relieve them of their angers and frustrations,” and the other throne-warmer sucked on his lime slice and replied, “That may be, but I’ve discovered that at least taking away the people’s weapons will relieve them of their weapons.”


If you’re going to See at all
in the Revolutionist sense,
you’ve got to look at least a bit
beyond the temporal edge;
such would be a “near 5-D view.”