Overheard on a Monday

Then there was this other fellow
who just insisted on always
“having the last word” –
ESPECIALLY to himself.


One City was so cautious that no citizen could be issued a library card without proof of their rabies vaccination.  (I pass along this piece of info assuming that all of you already know that one of the most dangerous places a person can be bitten is in the Reference Department.)


First guy says: 
“If anticipation was any more fun I’d die.”

Second guy says: 
“If anticipation was any worse
I’d wish I was dead.”

And to a by-stander on the side lines
anticipation whispered,
“Those bastards ain’t seen NOTHING yet.”


Okay, okay, quiet down – Announcement Time:

“There are things that occur
in the minds of men
that no one will ever understand.”

(That’s not true, but “Boy” do men’s minds love to hear that shit.)


A Revolutionist’s continual attempt to do the impossible – with no consideration of the odds – results in the word “impossible” being writ less in a continuous strip of neon and more by separate, incandescent bulbs.


Pointing to his head on guy said,
“In these wilds, intellectual rutting season
is year round.”