Fractured Tuesday

This one shadowy sort would periodically examine every square inch of his property in minute detail; he was not a land owner, he had no possessions, and did not live any where; but such did not deter his endeavor.

Since it was not explainable through ordinary use, this one chap attributed his sudden mental anomalies to an unseen “stress fracture” in his brain.


And a reader, (he says he only partakes of The Daily News on our website, in that he doesn’t believe in “electronic visuals”), writes to say that if I ever get around to saying that, “The illusion of fun IS fun,” he will never read the News again.


One City would not allow anything
you had to ask for; one human system
would not produce anything
you had to seek.  (Sport for the day: 
Guess which City this is,
and which system we’re talking about.)


On an ancient field, said to have seen a colossal revolutionist battle long ago, in the sand, writ in blood are the words, “Only to mine enemies do I reveal my true nature.”


If you don’t keep track
you don’t have to count.