New Carpet

Over in the City park
a guy tapped me with his cane
and remarked, “Say Bub,
ever notice that all the world’s
favorite proverbs either have
to do with god, or drinkin’?”


On another world, there was once a group who seemed so silly that they were taken as a joke. They persisted in this for such a time that they became frightening; they then continued on this course to such a point that their neighbors again began to take them as a joke.


One guy was so determined
not to soil his new carpet
that he didn’t have any.


In a kingdom far enough removed so as not to be much discussed any more, the people once took all their problems, rolled them up in a real tight ball, and made the king swallow it.


As the off-spring set to depart to that great college in the City, his ole man bespokedly spoke, “Even where you’re going, my boy, remember:  All food is warmed-overs.”