Weekend Mist & Fog

One guy’s shared observation for the day:

“Peel away
the mist from fog
and what do you got?”

From the reading audience comes another note from a man who says that although he knows his opinion doesn’t count for much...


Hey, forget worrying
about the score -
they ain’t even got
the rules settled yet.


From the illusionary pocket of one non-extant revolutionist came a specious dictionary which, after all of this, had the temerity to define ordinary thinking as, “The inability to think of more than one thing at a time.”  (Good thing no one was there to call an imaginary halt to this fallaciousness.)


One rough ole sore head cautioned his brood,
“No matter what an exemplary, law-abiding
life you lead, remember, we’re all goin’
up the river and do hard time.”