It's Raining Men

Puzzle World
I have heard of this other world,
(over that way, more or less),
where it all seems to “come together,”
but then just as quickly falls back apart.


Road To Fame Update:
If you want to be admired by the ordinary,
you got to BE ordinary.


Weekend Warrior Tips:
Swearing boldly all the things you’ll do
is almost as good as not doing them at all.


And the sovereign raised high his glass and proclaimed,
“Let us drink to the health of our most valuable friends –
Our Foes!


Just before the riot erupted, shouts were heard such as,
“I may not know my Plato, but I damn well know my Locke!”
and “I may not know my Hobbes, but I certainly know my Hume!” 
And one little fellow, taking quick refuge in an alley muttered,
“I may not know much of anything, but at least I know enough
to come in out of the Philosophers!”


(Anything brought within range of the intellect IS the intellect.)