Okay, Life...

A gent sitting next to me at the coffee counter at the airport
mentioned that after having lived a rather routine middle-aged life
that he had developed a single reply to any and all questions asked
of him; to questions he’d simply say, “That won’t be necessary.” 
(Yeah, I know, I asked him about that, but he still insisted that he
always used that same response no matter what kind of question
was asked…Truth is, the more you think about it, the more its
rightness begins to flow...Do you agree?)


All episodes are based on expectations.


One kid saved a lot of money after his ole man told him
that video games were “all in his own mind.”  (The downside
to this was that the youngster now began to wonder whether
this piece of info had any further applications.)


I continue to hear tales of a group of beings
over on another world
who believe that it’s only proper
to be ordinary in your spare time.


On every, every morning this one round dude
would leap out of bed,
whip on his pith helmet,
and grab his riding crap –
I mean, crop–
and stand otherwise nude before his
full length mirror and exclaim:
“Okay Life – gimme a problem!”