The Story of Boredman

Way up on a top floor, deep in the corridors of Corporate power,
the directors sat, sadly pondering the slumping sales chart,
until one junior jumped up and exclaimed, “I’ve got it – instead of
spending the time and money to produce a new product that
would sell better, let’s just change the name of the company!” 
And they were all so overjoyed and relieved that they made him
Boredman Of The Chair.


Out on this other planet
things are arranged so that for the first forty-six years
of their lives, the inhabitants take talk seriously, then
for the remainder they don’t so much.


May I assume that some of you are now
sufficiently well pleased to be intellectually alive,
as to be able to see such things as – what I mean
by the “really obvious,” is not obvious at all.


There are some ideas that Life cannot allow to surface
without them carrying their own internal, doomsday mechanism. 
(The more potentially disruptive is the energy, the more it
must be primed for self-destruction.)


One guy says that the only Real fun he’d had in life
was the several times he died.