Mouths & Molasses

One guy now says,
“I’m also now the kinda guy
I used to warn me about.”

The mood of the flies in the molasses
is generally that of the molasses.


One Man's Psychology Revisited:

One ole sore head, after reading a popular book
on “Human Behavior,” announced that he now wanted to
“Get in touch with the child in him.”  And his wife asked,
“So as to be more playful and spontaneous?’ 
“No”, he replied, “it’s just that when I was younger
I could drink more.”


It’s hard to hold your attention
when your attention’s holding you.


No mouth can be larger than its lips...

(Checking their watches at the depot,
the first guy asks the second,
“Are we still waiting for words
to explain themselves or not?”)


The best news is always last –
IF you’re the last to ask.