Valentine's Day Massacre

If they offer to name a massacre after you,
or want to use your brain as the plans for a new bomb,
you might have cause to be somewhat encouraged.


One fellow said, “If I had suspected it would turn out
anything like this, I believe I would have started sooner
and finished later…I could however, have this backwards again.”


Out on this one world they have a legend that says
man developed the ability to talk just so he could say,
“No, that’s not what I said!”


You might care to note, (if you have not already done so)
this specifically:  that “I” is alien to the Primary world.

There are two kinds of freedom:
the freedom you have and
the freedom you don’t have.
The second kind does not exist.

One ole sorehead, (with apparently either multiple sores,
eads or sights), said, “Give my highest thanks to all who helped,
and tell those who didn’t, that those who did are
talking about them like dirty dogs.”