Having Fun Yet?

In some locales,
having fun is not the same thing
as having fun.


While they were sitting around one day, just belching and musing,
the ole man told the kid, “The greatest advice my father ever gave me
was when he said that no matter how viscid and egregious become
my problems in life, that I should always feel completely free not to
mention them to him.”  The lad looked a bit curious and said,
“Hey, you once told me you didn’t have a father.”  And the elder
belched, hesitated, (as in a dramatic pause), and replied,
“I just never wanted to lay my troubles on you.”  (They both fell silent,
and returned to their earlier, less strenuous activity.)


I think I’ll go ahead and point this out with supreme simplicity
so’s a thousand years from now you can say you heard it here first;
Men do not go to war over ideas, but over power.
(P.S. This view, not their dress or weapons, is what separates the kind
from the vassal army; it is the latter who believe they fight for “a cause.”)


All Revolutionists speak a certain ancient tongue.
(Even the most up to date monolinguists.)


Another person writes to say that what they’ve heard and seen
regarding these activities makes them interested, but when
considering pursuing them more actively they have one grave,
specific apprehension.  He says he’s afraid getting involved
with This would make him listen to what he says.