Neural Notes for a Monday

Another Note For The Neurally Notable:

Re-naming rats, squirrels
may not actually make them squirrels,
BUT as long as you say that it
“May not actually make them squirrels,”
there remains the possibility that it may do so.


One martially motivated kid asked his ole man,
“When confronting entrenched foes…” 
And the elder interrupted, “You mean ideas.” 
“Yes,” said the little trooper, “When confronting
entrenched ideas, should you fire at their heads
or fire at their feet?”  And his father responded,
“It doesn’t matter;  if you can still see any difference,
you ain’t got no bullets anyway."


In a late night response to the kind of quizzical looks and curious
uestions that always arise regarding this kind of subversive activity,
one Revolutionist told a young recruit, “The difference between
you and me is that you’re a critic and I’m a reporter.”