Some more linguistic news from other worlds:
Most words that begin with the same letter
have almost the same meaning.


This one ole man leaped to his feet,
pointed his right finger high in the air,
and declared, “If you’re going to be antipodal,
be diametrically so.”  And his kid pleaded,
“But papa, how can you be otherwise?” 
To which the declared replied with a jerk,
“How many times have I told you not to call me
Agamemnon, or awaken me in the middle of a nap.”


Revised and revisited:
No kite is a kite until it is flown;
No gun is a gun until it is fired, and
No process is comprehensible until it is “Thing-Specified.”


In that far away land of Neural Springtime,
a man prepared to quote others for support and authority
for his own ideas is prepared for a lot – no he’s not,
what he’s prepared for is Home sickness


In the midst of a rambling letter recently received,
the writer expresses the notion that
“Trying to observe a Revolutionist’s mind in action
is like watching a magic act in the dark.”


Axiomatic Graffiti For Our Times…Maybe:
Anything that lives only an hour away
lives too close.