The Truth, Herself

One ole subversive father lulled his own rebellious child
to sleep thusly, “All great empires move to the West,
except those that go South, East and the rest…
what you’ll be seeking lies just adjacent to everywhere else.”


From a certain vista,
the drives to become famous or powerful
are attempts to do individually and locally
things that Life has yet to enact universally.


The final speaker of the night concluded his remarks by saying,
“Me thinks that the truth, she herself, be the glorious defense.” 
And from the rear of the room, one guy from the twentieth century
shouted, “Using Olde English won’t make you smell any better!”


Anyone, in whatever garb,
selling a “cure all” for ANYthing,
has got the job of a lifetime.

One City guy, after hearing the faith-of-his-fathers,
roundly denounced for its inconsistencies and uncertainties,
responded thusly, “Hey, if dependability was the point here,
I’d have a Volvo instead of a religion."

Anyone who sees any other human being, dead or alive,
as being actually “heroic” and a true paradigm worthy of
serious study and emulation, is deaf in one eye, and lame
in the other…That the most natural of mortal inclinations,
to want to worship and submit to a perceived superior,
is unconditionally incompatible with new intelligence. 
Although this understanding may not come all-at-once
in a blinding-instance, be assured: it will come as certainly
as the fresh arises from the dead.