I Believe It'll Fly

To taste freedom amidst our life long subjection,
one must heed the Muse Of Variety.


To be passionately patriotic, can at first seem good,
in that it displays a joy of being alive, but it ultimately
asks that it be at someone else’s expense. 
(Such remain the nutritional needs of Mother Life.)
Sub rosa belch.)

In this one City’s government is a small--
(small, hell, a one man department with the title,
“Look On The Brighter Side Bureau”)--
(which originally was to be named the,
“Things Are Worse Now Because Of The
‘Look On The Brighter Side Bureau’”)--
it seems that due to the less than dazzling
success and public acceptance of its sole
official and spokesman, who many critics
further say only has the position based on
his political kinship, but be all that as it may,
I thought I’d give you some idea of the quality
of his output, from the office of the
“Look On The Brighter Side Bureau”,
last Monday’s official proclamation was as follows:
“Although a man can slap his own face,
at least he can’t kick himself in the ass.”


In some places humor will prevail.
(Sad to say, but as with everything else,
this too yields to additional conquests.)


You might think, “That which is strongest, lasts the longest,”
but then longevity becomes the power supreme. 
(As Wilbur told Orville, “I like it, I believe it’ll fly.")