Refuse When Possible

The speaker concluded his otherwise unremarkable remarks by noting,
“Man’s ability to exaggerate has no (thank god) – apparent limit.”


In some cosmic jurisdictions,
those who say,
“Why I’m so overcome
I hardly know what to say!"
are not overcome enough.


Were we to take the everyday mental activities of men
and turn them into a commercial metaphor, we could say,
“Shopping at K-Mart won’t make you cheap, but it can keep you cheap.” 
(And further on down the bar, a fellow said, “The question is: 
If Shakespeare were alive today, would he be writing for
The National Inquirer?”  Next to him another chap countered,
“Nay, nay, the real question is:  Should a critic be allowed
to review his own work?”


Repeat when necessary,

Refuse when possible


One ole-sorely-timer one day announced,
“Any of you who still can’t see the ‘justice-of-it-all’
can just kiss my paternal ass, or else consider why
those with weak minds are the ones who say,
‘The legs are the first to go.’”

Upon reading an honored axiom, “Force is not a remedy,” 
this one chap averred as to how this was not only correct,
but even more so.  He says it should be fully read,
“Force is not Merely a remedy.”…(Now there!)