The primary world reproduces through sex,
the secondary through talk.


Another ole sore head, just over there,
leaning on academia bushes, says he clearly sees
the specific time that Man began to stray from his
natural path.  And it was, he avers, when he ceased
to write autobiographies as fiction, and began
to base them on the actual life he had led.


Another good thing about being a Revolutionist –
a REAL Revolutionist,
is that you can’t retire.


The first guy stood and declared,
“I state forthwith my extreme pleasure and relief
at having at least lived through the Industrial Revolution.” 
To which this second guy replied, “Not likely –
you’re not old enough.”  And number one fellow exclaimed,
“WHAT?  You mean it’s still not over?”


“Mentioning” something to a Revolutionist
can be as good as “explaining” it.