Weekend Merriment

The Age Of Merriment still lives!
But to re-join the festivities,
you must avenge the present
lack of chivalry towards stupidity. 
(Excalibur exists, though it’s now wedged
in our own Critical mass.)


One guy who’d apparently really been mistreated by life said,
“I can take it,” which proved to be a damned efficient arrangement.


Spaketh one good father, with one good eye,
“Kid, if you’re gonna keep on being sarcastic,
you might as well go on and get a job.”


If you don’t care what people think of you,
they won’t, much.
(It really, really helps if you do the same
about them.)


Over in a slightly sifted – I mean, shifted – time zone,
a little group calling themselves the “Pro-Thinking Society”
has as their motto, “Oh, Hi There.”