The Exclusive Brain

In his efforts to convey certain standards
of subversive etiquette to the kid, one father noted,
“A real gentleman’s whereabouts is never known.”


An allegory is only as good as its last game.


In a dizzying display of civil comprehension,
the foreman fore-claimed, “They wouldn’t call ‘em
water Mains, if they weren’t gonna be the first to burst.”


One guy, speaking a cappella for history asserts:
  “Generally speaking, things tend to get
generally trendy, then not so.”


The “exclusive” brain is a proper brain;
the “exclusive” brain is always up-to-date;
the “exclusive” brain is a fine brain;
the “exclusive” brain is a lame brain.


It is the irritated, as yet unknown, who continue
to insist that, “Fame, she comes unlooked for.” 
(As my kid cousin used to say, “Hey, nice try guys.”)