Making the Most of It

Trying to “Make the most of what you’ve got”
is all right unless the most you’ve got is All you’ve got.”


All rituals,
(Pardon me, but did you say “Tall”?)
What are you, deaf?
All rituals are self-mutilation.


Under ordinary conditions a man with
“A lot on his mind” usually doesn’t have
all that much of a mind.


Some guy from another address writes saying,
“Sir, the older I get, the more I see what you mean.” 
(Now, that’s the kind of lying that give lying a bad name.)


There was also this other guy
whose closest friend was himself…
and even He wasn’t all that close.


One guy, giving a salty spin to his cerebral systems,
said that at times, his intellect reminded him of a motor sailer,
in that, in the correlation between his opinions and the actual
reality of things, he managed to have the worst of both worlds.