Laying Low on a Monday

One day, one kid cornered the ole man and said,
“Some of my friends think that you haven’t been
totally serious in the advice and stuff you’ve told me.” 
And with a certain sardonicism  the father replied,
Really…well, you bring your little friends around
to see me some year when I’m not doing anything
and we’ll again settle this matter once-and-for-none.” 
(There remain some children, here and there,
who claim “sardonicism” should be spelled with just one “I”
…as always they’re in the minority.)


“Words To Live By If You Live In The City”
(which is where most people live):
“Wait, when you say ‘which is where most people live’
do you mean, ‘in the City’ or ‘by words?” 
“Yes, yes, exactly; and now the words,":
Wearing exotic underwear will make you feel exotic
(at least as exotic as doing such a thing can make you feel).
Class dismissed.


Trying to “Lay Low”
can keep you low.


If episodic information was carried to its ultimate end,
it would no longer be episodic.

(If snakes would bite off their own tails, we’d either have
an increased rodent population, or fewer mystical symbols.)


Paying your bill is not the same as paying your debts…
(inasmuch as the latter is highly improbable.)