Monday Musings

Radical Acting Hint Number Twenty-two:
All the best parts have a bit of feigned insanity.

In the grip of confessional, if not revelatory spirit,
the ole man told the kid, “Sometimes I think
the onliest reason I keep you around is so’s I’ll have
someone to feel superior to.” 
And the kid said, “Yeah, I know.” 
And suddenly – just for an instant, the ole man
didn’t feel all that superior…(but just for a instant mind you.)


Knowledge will never get the job done;
that is, no word can ever finish the sentence.


Anyone who offers blanket assurance
that you will be “happy” if you will not pursue
this-or-that course of action or thought,
at least, has an interesting concept of “happy.”


Criticism is the expiration
to creativity’s inspiration.