The Last Word

From one perspective, it could be said
that the neural subversive’s life is like one
of a non sequential, disordered argument
against whatever intellectual Trompe l’oeil
Life is presently holding up before man.


After some ecstatic, dangerous, though otherwise harmless
exposure to certain subversive neural testing, this one man
bravely fashioned, then adopted, his own ipse dixit motto
which most of the time went like this: 
“If you can’t be valid – be vivacious.”


As soon as someone says,
"the last word on the matter,”
it gives birth.


There is a hardy group of folk,
just over in that more angular sector,
who have blazed a new approach
toward an old interest: they believe
that it would be of inestimable mystical
and practical value to know the exact month
in which creation came into being.