Variety Show

If they insist that you, “Name your drug of choice,”
stall as long as possible; you can’t ever tell
what might turn up later.


Let us give mortal justice it’s proper due
on such an auspicious day, and every man-jack
of us lay down our swabs, hitch up our breeches,
face the fiery flag and repeat together:
“Only those who need mercy want mercy.”


One fellow hereby describes
Secondary treatments for Secondary ills
as, “After being set afire, leaping from a tall
building to escape the flames.”


Only revolutionist thought offers sufficient variety.


One old Borscht Belt veteran, upon visiting a
“House of Worship” for the first time, quickly
experienced his own moment of epiphany
when he leaped to his feet shouting,
“Vaudeville LIVES!”


A friend will hold your coat,
a lover will hold your hand,
but who will hold your attention?