A Better Response

At the closing ceremonies of the Four day
“Ole Soreheads & Philosophers’ Convention”
one apparently interesting fellow offered these final words:
“I believe I can speak for us all in saying
that no one speaks for us all.” 
(But then again, four days is not much time
in which to squeeze ninety-six hours...)


The true, secret, mystical,
sacred, metaphysical name of
“justice” begins with “S”.


This one ole sore head told the kid,
“The main thing in life
is to always have something
to be pissed about.” 
And the lad thought,
“So long’s you’re alive – no problem.”


A better response to any human question
is almost Any response not already known.


After a full life of study, meditation and short day trips,
one terrestrial thinker has bundled his collective wisdom
into the conclusion that, “Man’s sacred duty, and highest
calling in this mortal life is to ‘give advice’.”


Then suddenly, then finally, an otherwise
remarkably unfathomable chieftain roared,
“Where are we? Where can we go – without a foe?”