Jot this down...

Those who can act excited Are excited.


(You might care to jot this down):

If half the people are right,
and half of them are wrong –
even if there’s still TWO eternities.


Okay then – those who can act – and you really
gotta know how to pull this off – those who can
act knowledgeable Are knowledgeable.


One kid, who seemed to revel in being so,
thought to himself – who else),
“An unexpected thought is like having
a relative you didn’t know existed,
not come see you.”

This one ole dude when he be hangin’ out and socializin’
with his more “arty” and talented friends, quite often,
after several alcoholic beverages, would loud-enough-
to-be-heard say, “You don’t have to be crazy to be creative,
but you aren’t these tau d’oeuvite & tasty.”  (Yeah – but
all-the-same, everybody knew what he meant except him.)