Best Foot Forward

Some men wait, anticipate, that Life will bring out a Second Revised Edition of them.

(Aye, steady as she goes; beware the Remainder Bins.)

Putting your best foot forward
doesn’t accomplish much
if you’re walking through a mine field.

One way, if not to actually “trick ‘em,”
to at least to keep ‘em off balance,
is to continually go up to the band
and ask if this is going to be their
“Last Number”?


If the ordinary intellect extended its specious,
critical view of human behavior into non-mortal realms,
Man would believe that oranges mistakenly appear
on citrus trees and little birds fly just for spite.

A certain gentleman told his nephew,
(who he sometimes used as a “substitute kid”),
that those who cry out, “It’s more trouble than it’s worth!”
usually don’t know the actual worth of stuff. 
(He noted for the sake of fairness, that there IS
another much more disturbing possibility.)