Tricky Questions

While, for an ordinary person, the term, “without protection,”
might mean, “sex sans a condom.”  To a Revolutionist it would refer
to neuralizing-without-a-net; “Thinking” without the safety of “Knowledge.”


A gigantic tri-colored snake
with a least four directions
got into a guy’s house...
and he really didn’t know what to do about it.



One Saturday’s lesson consisted of the ole man telling his sister’s kid,
“Least you ever get too befuddled regarding the relative values of
aspects vs people, just remember this; without humans, coincidence is nothing.”


A speaker over in the park declaimed,
“We live in perilous times, perilous times indeed.” 
And a fellow under an unbleached pine tree
took him aside and said,
“Consider:  There are but
three possibilities: 
Live in perilous times,
Don’t be alive at all, or,
Don’t live in perilous times. 
The speaker pondered and replied,
“Your first two choices I perceive, but the third
seems alien yet intriguing, how might I pursue it?” 
And the guy from under-the-tree smiled.

All questions that have any guts are trick questions.