Secondary Sense

One fellow rushed up to me, over in the part last evening, and with much vigor, and no small gesturing declared, “Ye gads sir, the great thing about being human is that you can ‘have at it’ any time you want…unless of course, there’s someone there to stop you.”



In the boyish attempt to begin participating
in his own education, this one kid, on one Tuesday morning,
arose before the old man awakened, sat himself down and
to himself said, “Lad, to GET ahead you first gotta HAVE a get…
a get…is that right?”  (He then rattled about, making
sufficient noise to arouse the ole man.)


Secondary Sense

Those impressed with Primary affairs
would feed Mozart to the bears.

Those whose world is Secondary
rush inland to catch a ferry.

Now a stanza stripped to bone
regarding those who have no home –
“Yeah, visitors; Hip Hip Hoo-ray,
let’s eat the scoreboard; yeah, yeah!
and like that.”


Definition of a hermit…(you do understand this is just a joke,
it’s not a metaphor, much less a symbolic allusion – just a joke):

Definition of a hermit: 
A man who has neighborhood concerns down to a minimum.


And then there was yet again this other, you guessed it – guy,
who each morning as he left his house, and passed by the
tall mirror next to the door, would glance at his reflection
and shout, “Outa the way!”