Chapter One:

There was this guy who had the damndest visions,
yet he never told anyone…Why?…cause he thought
everyone had them.


One kid would continually beg the ole man,
“Don’t say that, come on, don’t say that.” 
Finally the older one began to plead with the kid,
“Hey, don’t say that, don’t say that,” and what an
absolutely charming and graceful couple they became.


To mans’ eye, Life’s systems oft seem
so diverse and detached
as for power to pass as cruelty. 
“Truth is in the eye,” assuming
veracity is brown, blue, or green.)


Over in one of your sister cities
was a man who said that his brain “talked to him”…
(He also said that it wasn’t very much of a “big deal.”)


On those mornings when all of his muscles were focused,
all of his mind flexed and toned, all of his friends and family
fine, the birds singing, the dogs wagging, the coffee brewing,
the sun peeping with winds breezing, this one guy would often
walk out into his backyard, kinda stretch himself and look off
in the clouds and say to it all, with a grin-of-grin,
“Life, you ole rascal you!”


Chapter Two:

Everyone has visions.