Mid-Week Matters

Revolutionist Political Principle Number Two:
Those thoughts are best that govern least.


One City sore head, (who is rumored to have had
his intellectual tubes tied), in a cocktail-party-moment
of expansion, let it slip the statement that, “After it’s all
weighed and wrapped, Life is a rather amiable disease. Hic!”


A Revolutionist positioned on new neural ground
could look back at the City and conclude that: 
Those matters that matter the least,
matter the most.


Let’s have a hand for the Will of Man:

The salvation of many a soul is in the fact that
the Palace Of Sin didn’t have what you wanted
on the menu – plus their prices were too high.



At one City school,
on the very first day of classes,
just after they take everyone’s name,
they shoot all the kids.