Dogday Afternoon

(Up until now):
The first dog who ever talked
was also the last.


Stanza stripped from the freshly painted
w.c. of one chap’s mind:
“Some ride east, north and west,
and some the south road take;
don’t wait up or watch the news,
they are all right on course.”


One Revolutionist highlighted
the verbal output of his thinking
by noting to some recruits,
“Whenever I say anything ‘serious’
remember – I’m joking.”


‘Tis not just fools, lawyers, and everyone else
who defend themselves, so do subversives;
they just do it silently, invisibly, un-metered
and in another time zone.


(Yet Another In The Series):
The genetic producer of one child told him,
“Even for the philosophical and universal minded
it’s not so bad to be specific,
as long as you’re REALLLLL specific.”