Another Wednesday in the City

In the City
remember this:

People always write about
what they don’t know about.


After years of exercise, experimentation,
and just plain hard sweat, this one chap says
he has perfected his attention and memory
to the point that he can forget ANYthing.


In the City,
those who think of only one thing at a time
can HAVE a good time.

In the City,
A service is not useless or fraudulent
as long as men still call upon it;
from certain hillside views, however,
it can seem to have “overstayed its visit.”

Meanwhile, back over at the City university,
in a sociology class a professor concluded a
certain segment by commenting that it seems
most men must have some other outside group
they can hate, and an ole sore head’s student son
spoke out, “That’s not necessary in my case Sir – I have me.”