Uncanny Grip

It’s hard to be famous
without becoming someone’s hobby.

Once upon a tale there was a king who had
an uncanny grip on the operational dimensions
of power, for an instance, right before the
commencement of any judicial matter, he
would execute the judge, the lawyers,
all accusers and defendants, and the jury as well.

(I believe “uncanny grip” about covers it.)

A few can still recall stories once told
about a telegram sent to earth which
was never delivered.  One version
reports the message being: 
“If you have to ‘figure-it-out’
you still haven’t figured it out.”

On most of your planetary levels
the invisible aspect of what men
are pleased to call “justice” is like this: 
a one eyed man HAS one eye.

To each generation of thought it is given to say,
“Although we may not live to see the triumph
of our views, we depart knowing we aided therein.” 
How…how…utterly delight – no…how precisely accurate. 
(And down that big wide track, “The City Rolls On.”)


That dreamed-of “occult” basis
common to all religions does exist –
it is blood, guts and politics