Out of Town

“Son, I wanna tell you, if complaining did any good everybody would do it.”  To which the kid responded, “But Pa Pa – they do!”  “Ah hah! – See?”


Anybody who believes in any thing
believes in EVERY thing…
(you got no choice.)


One guy chuckled and admitted,
“When I’m out of town I’ll buy anyone’s story…
course, same’s true when I’m out of my mind.”


A certain king, long hostile and cynical towards religion, finally noticed that all of the beliefs he had seen and conquered had one common thread – they one and all held the idea, expressed in addressing their god, “You – who are our only hope,” and the monarch, for a while, solemnly strolled through his garden repeating these words, and thinking, “It does be true, no matter how misguided be the rest of their antics, this part does be true.”

Boy! – do YOU ever have something
you want ME to say!


A sage unmarked by sorrow
will not make the charity rolls.