Get It?!

On some planets they still say that,
“Just getting started is the hardest part.” 
These worlds, however, are just getting started.

In the new City
there’s no such thing
as counterfeit glee.


Although he would read the words of the song before,
when this one guy first heard the tune,
“I Did It My Way” actually performed,
and discovered it was sung seriously,
he became so frightened that he traded in
his stereo for a digital wok.

Every universe yet discovered has,
in some obscure corner, a Silence Factory…
(in some area however, they are running on short-shifts.)

“Oh, I get it!” said one guy with City-fried hair,
“What you call the ‘Secondary” is just the
Primary made useless.”  (Isn’t it nice to see people “get it”?
even if they do,
even if they don’t.)