Contraire the street-level truism, man does not continually “reinvent himself”,

what he does is endlessly reinvent that which Life has invented through him.




The sure fire sign of the truly rich
is that they can pay someone else
to make mistakes for them.

(And it goes without saying that
the same should be true
for the extremely courteous.)


While passing the City landfill, one of the more recent local “thinkers” approached me with this bit of wit, (he wiped his hands clean and said), “To be young is to be credulous;
to be mature is to possess credulity fully wrinkled.”


One kid scared the parboiled hell
out of his ole man on one weekend
morning when he announced,
“I have made a momentous decision!” 
(And of course it goes without saying.)


Their mother's voice drifted throughout the house, “All right, all you children who want to laugh and have that kind of good time, you're gonna have to come out of the basement, and do your playing upstairs.”